Sunday, May 19, 2013

Using worksheets for Vocabulary!!

Despite that my boys are in High School, we still do many things that would be considered elementary school or middle school level! Spelling and Vocabulary are BIG deals in my house! You have to spell in life and you have to use vocabulary daily and to do both well, you need to know WHAT you are doing!!!
In order to learn our spelling or vocabulary words better.....I like to also toss in some vocabulary worksheets!
And while my boys will mumble and grumble about it, they do them and do them well. It is simple, kind of a brain teaser and they are learning their words at the same time! Win-win in my world and as you know...I like those kind of teachings!
I like double duty kind of homeschool work! Makes the day shorter, they learn 2 things at once and less for Mom to go over and or correct!!LOL
That might sound like I am LAZY, but no....I just think sometimes things are overthought and made to be too hard or complicated! Life and schoolwork doesn't have to be!
Homeschooling should be fun, without stress and kids learn and learn well! That is what I try to do daily in my homeschool!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Finding a homeschool group that clicks for you!

Whenever I meet someone NEW to homeschooling, the first piece of advice I offer them is to find a homeschool group that WORKS for them!
Whether it is a religious group, a pagan group, a secular group or whatever....find someone or a bunch of someones to bounce ideas off of, get info from, and vent to! Because you will need to do all that and MORE!
Me personally, I joined a secular homeschool support group both online AND in my area and it pretty much saved my sanity!! When both my boys had issues with high school writing, where did I turn but to my secular forum! I was able to post my question and had TONS of support and new answers and was able to see things in a new light and work through it!
We also have a great local group of kids that my boys have grown up with the past few years! They each have a few friends and we do many, MANY things as a group. Again, saved my sanity and between us.....we learn about lots of local things offered that our kids can do together!
People ask about curriculum, what we do for socialization, etc. as their first few tips when starting to homeschool but I always tell people to find a group!!
Happy Homeschooling!