Sunday, November 17, 2013

Looking and finding homeschool help!

Welcome to the wide world of homeschooling, leap in with both feet and then what do you do?

This was how I was! We were accidental homeschoolers and while I was lucky enough to stumble upon Time4Learning for our curriculum... after that, I was like what! You need a little homeschool help!

  • Am I doing it right? 
  • What are our legal requirements in Oregon?
  • Will I screw up my kids?
  • Do I need to teach them more?
  • Do they have enough to keep them busy?
  • Is school only supposed to take 3-4 hours?
  • Do I need supplemental science for kids? What about Math?

And on and on.....

First, step back and breathe!

  • Yes, you are doing it right! Benefit of homeschooling is that as long as you are doing something that is learning, you are doing it right! Every kid and every family is different in their learning ability!
  • You can find legal requirements of your State here!
  • You will not screw up your kids!
  • You need to teach them what they need to know! Some kids learn tradition ways, some kids want it all based around their latest interests!
  • It is up to you on them having enough to keep them busy! Some kids are into packed days, others are not.
  • Yep, most homeschool days for people take 2-3 hours for the main part and then that leaves the rest of the day for whatever. Take away recess, breaks, etc. from public school and they really only school about 3 hours a day.
  • Supplements are up to you! If you find a good core curriculum that is enough for your child, then great. If you want to add more, feel free to do so!
Again, the benefit of homeschooling is to make it work for you!!!
Happy Homeschooling!!

This is a blog or This is a truthful, creative homeschooling blog written for homeschoolers like you!!

Which one sounds better?
The 2nd one, right?

This is called figurative language and it is what takes something from just there to OMG, IT IS THERE!
Here is a great description:
Figurative language makes all the difference between boring writing and interesting, vivid communication. Have you ever heard someone say "It's raining cats and dogs"? Such metaphors allow readers to visualize scenes as though they were right there. Figurative language plays with a word's literal meaning, using it creatively to keep a reader's interest and attention.

Teaching your child to write using figurative language is not easy! Some kids get it, some don't. My son is a DON'T! He writes like his Dad, who writes like the cop he used to be. They write reports. They have to tell basic facts in those reports. 

The lady wore a red dress. 
The lady wore a flowing dress in blood red velvet with satin trim and rhinestones at the cuffs.

They both work, you know the lady wore a red dress in both sentences BUT the 2nd sentence captures you more and makes you want to keep reading!

When your child is writing anything, even a science report using facts about animals...they still need to make it worthwhile reading! It might be a report but a boring, dry report vs. a report using figurative language may make all the difference in the world!

So the next you give your child a writing assignment, try having them be more figurative in their writing!

Happy Homeschooling!