Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to teach art when you are NOT artsy fartsy!

Is that a horrible word for you?
Are you one of those people that doesn't doodle, avoids crayons, thinks Michael's is a kitschy restaurant and that your kids asking you to color with them is the worst ever!?!
You are not alone! Not everyone is artistic or likes art or deals with it.
Some people just do not get it.
I myself am an artsy fartsy person. I love art. I would have gone into art, if there was a job in my area.
Glitter is in my blood, kohl runs in my veins and I love the smell of fresh box of crayons! If they made perfume of that, I would wear it!
I love to draw, I love to create crafts with the kids and I love to read about art.
Yep, I am a little cuckoo....
But, if you are not..... no worries. You can still teach your kids about Art!
There are lots of ways.
Art games, online art websites, artist links if your child has found someone they like. Just learning about materials and the different kinds used for art is a whole lesson or group of lessons!!!
Never fear! Not artsy fartsy, there are apps for that! :D

Happy Homeschooling!

Homeschooling a High Schooler is NOT a bad word! HONEST!

You are a homeschooler!
You have a child that is about ready to enter high school level!
Send them to school or continue to homeschool them?
Your mind is saying send them to school.....
I cannot do it......
High school was SO hard, I barely made it through.....
You can do it!
I am in my 3rd year of homeschooling high school level and I haven't failed my boys yet! If I can do it, anyone can do it!
Now, I won't say we haven't had our struggles and I wish we could go back and change a few things but I have had that every year with I don't count it as an issue from teaching high school level.
I will say I am EXTREMELY thankful for Time4Learning adding the high school levels this year! That saved my sanity! And yes, we had to add a few more science tools because we are doing a bit higher level of biology and earth and space....but it is worth it overall.
My boys are avoiding the crap that seems to come with high school these days. They still have a lovely group of homeschool teens they get to hangout with plus we attend a homeschool teen PE class once a week put on at our local community center. And a prom is put on in our area for homeschoolers, so they CAN attend that if they want. All the comforts of high school without all the crap! No long hours of homework. No riding the bus for hours a week. No overcrowded classrooms of 60+ kids per class. No drugs. No peer pressure.
My boys are learning MORE I feel than most kids their age that are attending public school AND learning less of the bad stuff that I would prefer they not deal with anyways!
So, can homeschool high school!
If you have doubts, I say try it for a year! I bet you will surprise yourself!!
Happy Homeschooling!!