Saturday, February 22, 2014

Science can be so much FUN!

Love for school and reading and science starts at home. Whether you public school them or homeschool them, you as their parent are their first teacher! Think about it, you teach them to walk, talk, eat, colors, shapes, letters and counting!

Science is the fun part and really included in most everything you do! Starting with kindergarten science, you can do something as simple as baking or testing matter and materials! Is that cold or hot? Why is it? What if we add heat or cold to it..does it change? Where does the food you eat go? Why do we poop? Gotta love that one!LOL

Colors, what happens when you mix them? Oil and water? Can you mix them? Can you add colors to them?
Check out making sensory bottles or a tornado bottle. Those are a BIG favorite here! And so easy to make!
And MOST of them would be considered science! Make them together, use them in your homeschool day and talk about why. Then just have them set somewhere as they are great busy items for those times you need kids to be occupied!

Start teaching them science TODAY!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Keeping kids busy with science!

Yes, I am on a science roll! Sorry, but love it and want to talk about it!

I am the proud childcare provider of a very smart little boy! Well, as far as I am concerned ALL my kids(and yes, the childcare kids are still my kids!) are smart! But, G is EXTRA SMART! He reminds me of my boys! He is also my favorite daycare kid! And yes, we do have favorites!

He is finishing his last year with me. Breaks my heart as I have had him in my care since he was barely 2.
He has blown through all our Time4Learning PreK work! And we are currently working at the Kindergarten level!

He loves science, as do I and my own boys. I focus heavily on it for both homeschool and childcare! As I posted on my own blog, we are raising chicken eggs and studying them and their hatching!! I am also thinking of having G try some 1st grade science worksheets and see if he can do them. Even if he needs some of my help, I think together...we can do it.

He may not be ready for it yet.... but we won't know until we try! And everythig is worth a try!
Have you done that with your own kids? Felt they were ready for a different grade level and tried it? Did it work? Were they ready? Tell us how it worked out for you!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Science is for kids and adults alike!

You are never to young to learn science!
Yes, this is my 2nd post in a row about science... but I don't think enough people DO science! I think it scares a lot of homeschooling parents! They didn't like science in school. They are afraid of what could get blown up. The cost worries them.
Well, science does NOT have to be like school(unless you had a great experience)!
Nothing will get blown-up unless you want it to!
And science can be an cheap or as expensive as you want!
Great article talking about Science over at Secular Homeschool, Science is all around us!

Now, parents of younger kids... you can play around with science. I say about age 8 or 2nd grade is the perfect time to get REALLY into science as part of the homeschool day. Second grade homeschool science is perfect to get them started on lots of different areas!
What are they into? Animals, then go with animal habitats or ecosystems. Gardening, ummm well that is FULL of science! Worms, seeds, what happens when you plant seeds, water or no water.... Rocks? Rocks are AWESOME for science study! What kind? Where did they come from? How were they formed?
Food? Food and cooking are chock full of science!
You just have to do a little groundwork as the homeschool parent and step back and look at their interest from a scientific point of view.
Science is not scary, you can do it!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

She blinded me with SCIENCE!

Ok, who here is a FAN of the movie Weird Science!!! ME ME ME!! She says, waving her hand in the hair!

Science is MY favorite thing to teach and my boys favorite thing to learn! It is even a hit on a weekly basis with the daycare kiddos!

Science for kids can be fun and in my opinion, SHOULD be fun! Science, for the most part ALWAYS should be hands-on! Earth and Space, changes in matter, animal habitats and even their food can all be used for SCIENCE!

I use any and all things, to teach science! Heck, we were outside on a sunny day last week(what a rare break for the Pacific Northwest!) and used the solar energy to become a science experiement! What was warmer in the sun... grass? Dirt? Blacktop? Concrete steps? We all gave our opinions and polled the most popular choice! The blacktop won! And then we talked about WHY it was warmer!! SCIENCE!

How do you teach science? Are you a follow the book person or a toss the pamphlet person and go with your gut?

Happy Homeschooling!