Sunday, February 16, 2014

Keeping kids busy with science!

Yes, I am on a science roll! Sorry, but love it and want to talk about it!

I am the proud childcare provider of a very smart little boy! Well, as far as I am concerned ALL my kids(and yes, the childcare kids are still my kids!) are smart! But, G is EXTRA SMART! He reminds me of my boys! He is also my favorite daycare kid! And yes, we do have favorites!

He is finishing his last year with me. Breaks my heart as I have had him in my care since he was barely 2.
He has blown through all our Time4Learning PreK work! And we are currently working at the Kindergarten level!

He loves science, as do I and my own boys. I focus heavily on it for both homeschool and childcare! As I posted on my own blog, we are raising chicken eggs and studying them and their hatching!! I am also thinking of having G try some 1st grade science worksheets and see if he can do them. Even if he needs some of my help, I think together...we can do it.

He may not be ready for it yet.... but we won't know until we try! And everythig is worth a try!
Have you done that with your own kids? Felt they were ready for a different grade level and tried it? Did it work? Were they ready? Tell us how it worked out for you!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

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