Saturday, February 22, 2014

Science can be so much FUN!

Love for school and reading and science starts at home. Whether you public school them or homeschool them, you as their parent are their first teacher! Think about it, you teach them to walk, talk, eat, colors, shapes, letters and counting!

Science is the fun part and really included in most everything you do! Starting with kindergarten science, you can do something as simple as baking or testing matter and materials! Is that cold or hot? Why is it? What if we add heat or cold to it..does it change? Where does the food you eat go? Why do we poop? Gotta love that one!LOL

Colors, what happens when you mix them? Oil and water? Can you mix them? Can you add colors to them?
Check out making sensory bottles or a tornado bottle. Those are a BIG favorite here! And so easy to make!
And MOST of them would be considered science! Make them together, use them in your homeschool day and talk about why. Then just have them set somewhere as they are great busy items for those times you need kids to be occupied!

Start teaching them science TODAY!!
Happy Homeschooling!

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