Saturday, March 8, 2014


When all else fails in our day, kids arriving late, leaving early, sick, or just plain old grumpy..... and our preschool lessons fall to the wayside, we can sit and use our collection of preschool flashcards!

Everyone grabs their circle for sitting, I grab the basket of flashcards and we play preschool games of answer correctly!!! I hold up the cards and go around the circle. You get a chance to answer, if you can't-no biggie! I move on to the next child and you will get another chance! Try to keep it as fun and low key as possible! I don't want anyone to feel bad or hate participating!

If you answer correctly, you get a plastic coin! At the end, you can use it to purchase something from the store! I make sure each child ends up with the same amount of coins and to have fun things for them to purchase!

Not only do we go over colors, shape, letters and numbers but they then get to count, bargain, and think about their purchase! All in all, it is a GREAT way to go over a lot of subject in a VERY fun way!
Kids get over being grumpy, not feeling well or if they have crazy schedules for the day....they get a LITTLE learning in!

So, having a bad day! Guess what....break out those flashcards! And, they are not just for little kids! There are language cards, multiplication cards, ALGEBRA cards, english cards, history cards..... take a trip to your teacher store and you will be AMAZED at the flashcards today! Heck, you can even sit down with the kids and make your own!!

Happy Homeschooling!

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