Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sneaky ways to include science!

So you have a child who really doesn't like science.... I mean hates learning it, hates sitting still and HATES the fact that you keep shoving it down their throat.

Well, guess what... there are ways around this! Science for elementary school level can work on SO many levels! I have posted the past few weeks of different ways you can do science.

1st, what are your kids into?

Whatever they are into, you can find a way to use it as science that DOES get them interested! GUARANTEED!

Right now at my childcare/homeschool we are hatching baby chicks!
We have a borrowed incubator "cooking" some eggs right now! Anytime next week, up to 6 chicks will be popping out! My boys and the daycare kids are studying animal lessons, looking at some great pictures of what eggs look like inside at different stages. And the care of baby chicks once hatched!

All of it is SCIENCE! Learning at every level!

Legos, there is TONS you can do with legos! What are they made of? How do you build with them? Things you can create.

Take what your kids are into! Go online and start looking for ways to use THAT as science!

Happy Homeschooling!

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