Sunday, March 30, 2014

Understanding Math better!

So, teaching Math to your kids is worse than being back in school yourself....
You have no idea WHAT this lingo is, you don't remember the formulas, and getting it out onto paper to help them is almost impossible.....
Been there, done that!
Life is NOT over as you know it!
You need to find an online source OR a physical book that helps you with math vocabulary, the formulas, the lingo, etc. because once you do, it HELPS! Trust me on this one.
I have been where you are! I was NEVER strong on Math. I could do basic math, no problems.... but give me anything above pre-algebra and I was lost. My boys were lost and that was the end of that....
I found that these laminated cheat sheets for all subjects. Math, Rocks and Minerals, Algebra, Science and Weights and Measures plus MANY more.
These, along with some sites on how to do certain equations saved us!
The Math one with all the formulas was the best. We didn't have to look up things all the time and it has a nice little glossary of terms on it.
Math was SAVED! My sanity was SAVED!
You can do it! Do not fret!
Check into what is the best solution for you and your homeschoolers!
Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said...

Yeah, math time is not a happy time around here. We get by though. Even if I have to do some re-learning myself. :)