Sunday, April 27, 2014

On the road again.....

So, the onset of Spring and making plans for Summer has me in the mood for roadschooling!
When we started this homeschooling adventure my biggest dream was to be able to pack up my family and travel the USA, schooling along the way! Hitting every historic marker and sideshow along all the backroads!
Now that we are on our last few years of it, I know that it probably won't happen but I do live vicariously through any roadschooling blog and article that I can get my hands on! Maybe this will be the year that I win the lottery and we could do it! Or an unknown rich relative will leave me a lot of money and we could do it! Pipe dreams but that is ok.....dreams are still dreams!
I mean think of the homeschool social can do the civil war and actually be there. You can learn about the making of the Hoover Dam and go see it and take a tour! You can travel Route 66. Old Faithful in Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower because of Close Encounters.... yes, I know that is not history but it's a personal family FAV and we definitely WANT to go one day!
Have you roadschooled? What was it like? Did you like it? Will you do it again?
Let me know in the comment section!
Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

State testing! YIKES!

So, it is that time of year! The time when if your State requires need to start seeing about setting it up!
Oregon requires tests at 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grades. I fudged it a bit last year for my older son and he will be testing with his brother this year at the 10th grade level. I just did not feel he was ready last year.
Homeschool standardized tests are not that big of a deal! You can find local testers in your area, if permitted by your State. You can also find group testers. Yep, it costs! Group tests are usually cheaper while private testers are more costly. I go the private route. I feel I homeschool for a reason and why do I want to lump my boys in with a bunch of other kids. It does cost me a bit more but my oldest is a wiggler. He has ADHD and while running a homeschool ADD/ADHD child is doesn't always work in a group testing. He has to fidget, he needs to sometimes tap his foot and he wiggles around. We are used to it and if he gets over the top, we ask him to take it down a notch. BUT....others may find it annoying!
So, Mom forks over the money and we have a great lady who has done our testing in the past! She is great with my boys and I have no qualms about it! We usually test in June at the end of our school year and get it done and over with!
The results come in the mail within a couple of weeks and so far, so good. My boys have both said it was quite easy and they didn't have much trouble! And their scores prove it! NICE!
So, be sure to check your State's requirements for homeschool and if they require a test! If so, get on the ball and get it set up! You will be glad you did! One less thing to worry about later!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Studying Earth and Space!

As part of our High School classes this year, we are doing the Earth and Space for our Science via Time4Learning High School. I picked it for the boys because we love exploring the universe and we love science and motion of the planets!
Rocks and minerals are right up our alley!
My boys have done most of the school year so far and so far, we are doing AWESOME!
How do we supplement it?
We are attending a local rock show!
An upcoming visit to the planetarium is in the works!
And maybe a trip to our local Science Museum!
Gotta love Earth and Space!
Maybe we will stay up late and watch the lunar eclipse AND blood moon on this coming Tuesday, April 15!! Check out info here: Lunar Eclipse 2014
Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

So what if you are not to teach art in your homeschool!

So, I love ART.
I went to college and was torn between Art History and Early Childhood Education. I ended up choosing Early Childhood Education but still wonder what life would have been like if I had gone the way of Art History.
When it comes to teaching art in our homeschool, for me it is easy.
I found a great art curriculum which was ok. My boys were ok with it. We explored hands-on art and tried different mediums. It was ok. Then we went to the art museum and saw different art in person, hands-on and THAT helped!
Do you hate art? Do you wonder how you can teach your kids art? You can do it. There are tons of great curriculum out there. And you do not have to make your child an art expert. IF they really get into it, then go forward. Otherwise, you can touch on it. You can take a field trip to the art museum. You can talk about what you saw. You can use that along with your art curriculum to better understand it.
You can play art games, there are some great card games out there. Check your local museum gift shop after you visit. Not trying to make you buy things but, best place to find stuff to use in your homeschool!
My favorite is heading to the thrift store and finding things we can use to recreate art! Old canvases to paint on, plates to break and use for mosaics, etc.
Now, neither of my boys are ART crazy. They like to draw pictures of pokemon or anime or create sculptures with legos but that is about it.
So....maybe when my boys are grown and I have tons of time on my hands.....I will head back to school and get my Art History on!
Happy Homeschooling!