Sunday, April 27, 2014

On the road again.....

So, the onset of Spring and making plans for Summer has me in the mood for roadschooling!
When we started this homeschooling adventure my biggest dream was to be able to pack up my family and travel the USA, schooling along the way! Hitting every historic marker and sideshow along all the backroads!
Now that we are on our last few years of it, I know that it probably won't happen but I do live vicariously through any roadschooling blog and article that I can get my hands on! Maybe this will be the year that I win the lottery and we could do it! Or an unknown rich relative will leave me a lot of money and we could do it! Pipe dreams but that is ok.....dreams are still dreams!
I mean think of the homeschool social can do the civil war and actually be there. You can learn about the making of the Hoover Dam and go see it and take a tour! You can travel Route 66. Old Faithful in Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower because of Close Encounters.... yes, I know that is not history but it's a personal family FAV and we definitely WANT to go one day!
Have you roadschooled? What was it like? Did you like it? Will you do it again?
Let me know in the comment section!
Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said...

Boy...lately I have felt like we've done way more roadschooling, and unschooling, over our more normal-ish homeschooling. LOL! It's great though...that's the best part about home education, the flexibility and being able to do what you need (or what you want!) when the weather/schedule changes. ;)