Saturday, May 31, 2014

Don't waste the Summer, WRITE!

So, the end of the school year is upon us but that doesn't mean SCHOOL or HOMESCHOOL has to stop!
Summer is a GREAT time to practice writing!
Creative writing is a good place for reluctant writers to work on it!
You can come up with a lot of ways for them to work or you can get some creative writing help!
They can write an essay, start a Summer journal, get a penpal to write to, write letters to family members, write stories based on characters from books they have read or even just make notes on their video games.
How will this help them with their writing you ask....well....

  • It is less formal than school. 
  • They can do it on their own time.
  • They can do it how they would like.
  • They can base it on their interests.
This will make it more FUN and less school.
You can even get a group of kids together and have a creative writing club or weekly meet-up!
Socialization and writing!!
How do you work creative writing into your homeschool?

Happy Homeschooling!

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