Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer means video games! MAYBE!LOL

Ok, well in my kids world it does! Typical teens and LOVE video games!
Now don't get me wrong...I love my share as well! Heck, I was around when Pong and Pacman started! Yep, I am OLD! It is ok....I can handle it!LOL
But, we are done with school for a 2 month hiatus! Of course during that 2 months, they are getting a mild break, then headed to grandparents for several weeks, home for our family vacation and then a couple weeks more off and we will be back to our high school homeschooling! During that time, they will be sure to get plenty of 2 player games under their belt!
Their friends will also be online, so technically....they will be 4 player games but both my boys will be on their console! Call it what you want!LOL
Now, this Mama will not let them just sit and vegitate for the whole Summer! They have park days with friends, camping, working in our garden, taking care of the chickens, ducks and rabbits. So plenty of fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D!
I don't know about you but Summer when I was a kid, meant outside time from June to August! I rarely was home, home was food and bed.... otherwise I was outside making forts, catching lizards and bugs, chasing my brother, saving baby bunnies from our cat and being a kid! It meant riding my bike until my legs hurt, bandaids on knees most of the time and smelling of water from playing in the creek!
Kids have it different nowadays and that is ok, because we were different than our parents and they were different than theirs. We evolve and expand and grow, but I still want to make sure my kids get a chance to be kids!!
So, get out and enjoy Summer and Happy Homeschooling!

Teaching preschoolers!

Ok, next to my own boys and teaching them high school homeschool, teaching preschoolers is my next FAV thing to chat about! As you may or may not know...I run a childcare out of my home and teach basic preschool as part of my deal!
Most of our day is play but what you may not know, is that play is learning games for preschoolers!
My childcare motto is, Learning to Play and Playing to Learn! Why is that? Because just like homeschooling, kids learn best when done at their level. Preschoolers want to learn things like letters and numbers and colors but they are still kids and they want to play.
They use role play, imagination, learn sharing, taking turns, socialization and many other ways to learn during their daily play!
We sit down and discuss what color something is. We read a book aloud and then discuss what the next step might be, or where something has gone to. We draw a picture with crayons and I restrict colors and they need to use them as instructed. We build with blocks and count how many we are using. A simple game of hide and seek is counting, socialization, working as a team.
Play with the play kitchen and dolls is imagination and role play!
Puppets are imagination and creativity!
So the next time you or someone else says your child is just playing...NO, they aren't!
They are learning, they are growing and they are being kids!
At toddler/preschool age, homeschool is play!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

So you are working on your Fall curriculum...

Yep, school year just ended!
We homeschool Moms and Dads might think we are done but guess what...conferences are coming up!
That means finding new curriculum, new things to add to Fall, new experiences, new classes, or whatever!
Be sure to remember to add in word meaning, handwriting practice , and even vocabulary games!
Those things are often forgotten! Oh sure, you remember math, reading , language arts, science and social studies..... or even a foreign language but many parents forget to include the small stuff!
Those things are important!
We hear all the time that handwriting is becoming a lost art and many public schools are removing it from their curriculum? I say WHAT?! How can you not be teaching kids to write. Computer and technology is not everything! NO!!! What happens, when/if it dies....then what?
Teach your child and teach them well!!!
What are you planning for your 2014-2015 school year? Are you making any fun and exciting changes?

Happy Homeschooling!

Newbies love to ask How do I homeschool?

Ok, so you want to homeschool your kids...but don't know where to start!
Guess what! You are not alone! I was exactly where you are, 6 years ago!
My older son was 6 weeks into 6th grade! 1st year in middle school and we had already had issues with his Math teacher. Crap(and that is the only word for it!) came to an end! Suddenly, we were homeschoolers! No way was I sending my baby... back into that system that had failed him, failed us.
Except now I found my myself wondering how to homeschool.
I had a child with ADHD. How do I homeschool ADHD? YIKES!
After doing that panic moment that all of us accidental homeschoolers do......
I collected my thoughts and jumped online!
Thank goodness for internet! I could NOT have done any of this journey without it!
I researched, RESEARCHED and then took notes and researched some more!
I found some forums, connected with other parents, figured out a plan and here we are....6 finished schooling years later! WHEW!
I have 1 school year left for the son that started me on this journey and 2 left for my younger son. I cannot believe it! I wish we had longer! My boys have grown so much and learned a ton.
If you want to homeschool or have thoughts on homeschooling! I say DO IT! Do your research, find what works for you and your kids and HOMESCHOOL!
Happy Homeschooling!