Sunday, June 15, 2014

Newbies love to ask How do I homeschool?

Ok, so you want to homeschool your kids...but don't know where to start!
Guess what! You are not alone! I was exactly where you are, 6 years ago!
My older son was 6 weeks into 6th grade! 1st year in middle school and we had already had issues with his Math teacher. Crap(and that is the only word for it!) came to an end! Suddenly, we were homeschoolers! No way was I sending my baby... back into that system that had failed him, failed us.
Except now I found my myself wondering how to homeschool.
I had a child with ADHD. How do I homeschool ADHD? YIKES!
After doing that panic moment that all of us accidental homeschoolers do......
I collected my thoughts and jumped online!
Thank goodness for internet! I could NOT have done any of this journey without it!
I researched, RESEARCHED and then took notes and researched some more!
I found some forums, connected with other parents, figured out a plan and here we are....6 finished schooling years later! WHEW!
I have 1 school year left for the son that started me on this journey and 2 left for my younger son. I cannot believe it! I wish we had longer! My boys have grown so much and learned a ton.
If you want to homeschool or have thoughts on homeschooling! I say DO IT! Do your research, find what works for you and your kids and HOMESCHOOL!
Happy Homeschooling!


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