Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fall plotting and planning!

So, year is done. Boys are at their grandparents. I should be relaxing right?
#1, I never relax! I am like the energizer bunny. Takes a lot to get me to sit on my butt. Mainly the time to sit down and work on my blogs!LOL So technically, I am not sitting on my butt. HEHE!

So, as I work on the Fall curriculum.... I am trying to decide WHAT to add! The choices...the choices are SO many!

We did not really do Spelling last year nor vocabulary. I felt they were fine but I think we need to add it back for this year. Too much time off leads to stagnant minds!

So, we are adding in matching vocabulary, some root word games, and some spelling games!

1 thing off the checklist..... now to move onto the rest.
Wait, can I do something else.... oh look, cute kitties dancing. I will work AFTER I watch that. I have plenty of time.....right?!LOL

What are you doing towards your Fall curriculum?

Happy Homeschooling