Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School, What to do?!

So, are you starting back to school already or soon?
We started last week. And I have to say, the week went reasonably well.
My boys HATED the new kitchen table, which I expected. And we brought back the old table. It fits them better, so it will stay until we are done with homeschooling in a few years. Not worth the hassle.
I also have 1 daycare kiddo leaving me to head off to Kindergarten. :( Sad day for me.
If he hadn't left, his Mom had considered homeschooling him. Which I think is a good idea. Not because I homeschool myself but because this child is high maintenance. He wiggles, he is loud, he moves, he yells, he is constantly busy and has NO OFF BUTTON. Love him to death but..... I do worry about him in a classroom setting. And he is advanced. If he had stayed another year, I would have moved him up to the Time4Learning first grade homeschool curriculum.
He needs a program where he can move and be himself and get up and dance when the feeling hits him.
I had even given his Mom a list of our State's homeschool requirements in case she changed her mind.
Oh well.....let it go.
Back to my boys. A whole week of 11th and 12th grade high school and ZERO meltdowns! OMG! Squee!
This coming week, we are adding the rest of our extras and we will see how it goes.
This Mom still needs to print out the new schedule and get it up.
I think I will be giving the laminator a run for its money tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a GREAT start to their school year and that it ROCKS!
Happy Homeschooling!