Sunday, January 19, 2014

So you are homeschooling a middle schooler?

I started out by with homeschool middle school!
My boys were just finishing 5th grade and just starting 6th grade when we decided to pull them!
The public school wasn't working for us anymore and we really didn't know what else to do BUT homeschool! I was thrilled as this was something I wanted to do since they were little and now I got my chance!
Little did we know then, how different it would change our lives...for the better!!!
My boys are now doing high school level! I cannot believe it! What a wild ride it has been!
Overall, our least favorite subject is a tie between Math and Writing.... they each fuss about it at different times. Our favorite is learning about science, any kind of science!!
We have had our ups and downs, though more ups than downs!
Are you thinking of homeschooling? Are you thinking that it can't work? Your kids are at THAT age of being close to teens? Guess what, YOU CAN!!!
If I can do it, ANYONE can! I do this while running a childcare! Yep, tiny tots and teenagers! Try that combo!!LOL

Hang in there and Happy Homeschooling!!!