Sunday, February 2, 2014

She blinded me with SCIENCE!

Ok, who here is a FAN of the movie Weird Science!!! ME ME ME!! She says, waving her hand in the hair!

Science is MY favorite thing to teach and my boys favorite thing to learn! It is even a hit on a weekly basis with the daycare kiddos!

Science for kids can be fun and in my opinion, SHOULD be fun! Science, for the most part ALWAYS should be hands-on! Earth and Space, changes in matter, animal habitats and even their food can all be used for SCIENCE!

I use any and all things, to teach science! Heck, we were outside on a sunny day last week(what a rare break for the Pacific Northwest!) and used the solar energy to become a science experiement! What was warmer in the sun... grass? Dirt? Blacktop? Concrete steps? We all gave our opinions and polled the most popular choice! The blacktop won! And then we talked about WHY it was warmer!! SCIENCE!

How do you teach science? Are you a follow the book person or a toss the pamphlet person and go with your gut?

Happy Homeschooling!