Saturday, April 19, 2014

State testing! YIKES!

So, it is that time of year! The time when if your State requires need to start seeing about setting it up!
Oregon requires tests at 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grades. I fudged it a bit last year for my older son and he will be testing with his brother this year at the 10th grade level. I just did not feel he was ready last year.
Homeschool standardized tests are not that big of a deal! You can find local testers in your area, if permitted by your State. You can also find group testers. Yep, it costs! Group tests are usually cheaper while private testers are more costly. I go the private route. I feel I homeschool for a reason and why do I want to lump my boys in with a bunch of other kids. It does cost me a bit more but my oldest is a wiggler. He has ADHD and while running a homeschool ADD/ADHD child is doesn't always work in a group testing. He has to fidget, he needs to sometimes tap his foot and he wiggles around. We are used to it and if he gets over the top, we ask him to take it down a notch. BUT....others may find it annoying!
So, Mom forks over the money and we have a great lady who has done our testing in the past! She is great with my boys and I have no qualms about it! We usually test in June at the end of our school year and get it done and over with!
The results come in the mail within a couple of weeks and so far, so good. My boys have both said it was quite easy and they didn't have much trouble! And their scores prove it! NICE!
So, be sure to check your State's requirements for homeschool and if they require a test! If so, get on the ball and get it set up! You will be glad you did! One less thing to worry about later!
Happy Homeschooling!