Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting your student to WRITE....

Ok, next to Math....this is the biggest struggle for us.
My youngest son fights me on writing. He has no imagination. I don't get it, the kid reads things like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia and Mad Scientist Club...... he reads books FULL of imagination and yet, I put paper in front of him and ask him to write something....YIKES!
You would think I had asked him to dance naked in front of a crowd. He screams, he fights, he wails and it ends up becoming a bicker battle between him and I.
Guess what usually happens? I say forget it and we skip the writing.
I just hope he gets a career that doesn't involve anything more than note taking!
But I just can't sit back and wait.
We need something to make sure his brain doesn't stagnant and rot.
Student writing practice is imperative!
So, I gave him a journal and he has to pick a dinosaur and then write down all the information on it he can find. He wants to be a paleontologist when he goes to college. Whether or not this happens, I do not know.
So, until then....we study Earth History and we study dinosaurs and we write how it works for us and we struggle through.
From a writer's viewpoint(mine) it makes me CUH-razy that my child doesn't like to write, but to each his own. And as a Mom, I fully understand that my kids are not exactly like me nor are they like each other.
I deal.... I accept.... I fine solutions that work.
How do you deal with teaching a subject that your child HATES?
Happy Homeschooling!