Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are umbrella schools for rainy days?

I read online about umbrella schools and wonder WHAT IS THAT?
Is is a school for my child? Is it still school for a rainy day? Is it still homeschooling?
I don't understand....
Guess what.... you are not alone!

Here is some answers!

What Does an Umbrella School Do?

In some states, homeschoolers can get some level of support and legal protection for their home education program. So while the answer varies from state to state, here are some of the typical features of umbrella schools:
  • Provide legal legitimacy to a family's home education program in states that require it
  • Issue report cards
  • Maintain attendance records
  • Host field trips, academic clubs, reading contests and the like
  • Provide a student ID card (which may be useful in obtaining discounts with local merchants)

So, does that mean I can still practice unschooling? You need to check your States laws! 1st and foremost! That is IMPERATIVE if you want to homeschool. Each State has laws and each State differs. 

Your child might be able to unschool. Your child might have to attend a charter school. Your child might be required to have a cover school. Your State might have no laws.

But, if you do need an umbrella school....your State should have a list of ones that will work for you and your child. They should be helpful rather than hindering you.

Don't let this affect your decision to homeschool! You can still do it!

Happy Homeschooling!

Can I Homeschool my special needs child? YES!

So, your child is special needs and public school isn't going well and you have decided MAYBE to homeschool! But are worried if you can do it....... YES, YOU CAN!

Yep, wrote that is all caps because I was yelling it at! You, as their parent can do the best for your child and if that means homeschooling be it! Have faith!

Wait, how do I start? First, breath and then get out that computer and google!

If your child has ADHD, homeschool auditory central processing disorder, homeschool dyslexia, down syndrome, autism, aspergers or ? you CAN homeschool them!
Here are my hints and tips:

  • Find a homeschool group related to your childs needs. This will help you learn to teach them and give you a chat group of parents in like situation.
  • Find a homeschool group period to how you want to homeschool, secular or religious or ? Many of these have their own sections for special needs kids PLUS they are open to options in your area, other homeschooling parents to talk to in general, deals on curriculum and reviews on curriculum.
  • Find a local homeschool group if you can! Great for socialization and some Mom/Dad to other parents time!
  • Sit back and enjoy the ride! Nothing is better than spending time with your child,watching them grow and learn while you grow and learn alongside them!
If you have a special needs child and have any other tips for parents looking into homeschooling, pipe in and post them!

Happy Homeschooling!