Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Basics for Elementary Spelling

There are a many great joys that parents observe as their children mature.  In education, parents love watching studetns learn their letters, starting to read, and then finally starting to write.

When the students start writing, encourage and encourage and encourage. Every student should be told that you love reading their writing. And it should be true.

Kids should learn to write even more they know all the writing and spelling rules. So they might invent some spelling. This is great. No need or benefit to correct. A child at age 5 might write:

Mi DAD is th most bes DAD n th hole werald. HE is th grates.

This is fine. This is an example of "invented spelling" when the student has some clues about phonics and is trying to spell all the words phonetically. it's great. Enjoy.  All too soon, they'll be reading more, mastering the rules, and doing great on spelling tests. To help them, here's some great lists to start with:

Here are the grade level pages for key word combinations of grade level, vocabulary / spelling, words / word lists, activities, word games, printable worksheets, etc . These are fantastic free resources from VocabularySpellingCity!

Kindergarten Word Lists;
1st Grade Word Lists
2nd Grade Word Lists
3rd Grade Word Lists
4th Grade Word Lists
5th Grade Word Lists